So I think this show may be about sex? Not really sure… if only it was more straightforward…

So I think this show may be about sex? Not really sure… if only it was more straightforward…

I like how Meredith just sits there while everyone else is dressed up and is actually trying.

Remember when the show used to be about her?

I do not care about the Grey’s Anatomy interns! Stop focusing on them!

'The Slutty Pumpkin Returns' Worst 'How I Met Your Mother' to Date

I wasn’t all that thrilled when I heard the Slutty Pumpkin was finally going to be revealed. I didn’t feel like this was a mystery that needed to be solved.

The whole point of the story was to showcase Ted’s optimism and hopefulness that he could possibly find the girl of his dreams despite less than ideal circumstances.

So revealing who this person was in a weirdly slutty costume would have a purpose right? After watching this week’s episode, apparently not.

We were baited into watching an entire episode only to learn (spoiler) that the Slutty Pumpkin and Ted have absolutely no chemistry at all.  And…that’s it? Nothing in the entire episode added to the rest of the season. None of the other story lines, none of the other characters, nothing at all.

I thought Ted might have a revelation that waiting for something to happen wasn’t going to get him anywhere, and that maybe he should be more active in finding his future wife. Apparently not.

Not to mention Marshall and Lily didn’t even dress up for Halloween so we didn’t get to see any epic costumes! Pregnancy brain? Really? Relying on gags such as, whoops left my keys in the freezer and ice cubes in my purse is really clever guys. You are a laughing goldmine.

The CW Cancels ‘H8R’! Now who saw that one coming? Besides everyone.


On Monday NBC unveiled its hottest prospect for a new hit sitcom, a show called “Whitney,” created, produced by and starring Whitney Cummings… Of her motivation to write and produce and act, [Cummings] said: “I didn’t see anything on TV for young, sexy, smart women to look at and say, ‘Yeah, I relate to that, I’m like her.’ It’s time. It’s time.”